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141148:Automatic Packaging Machine
C $1,099.00

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Sealing Machine



  This is a sealing machine, which is used with the the powder filling machine. The width of bag is 3inch and the length is 0 -6inch which is adjustable. Aluminum foil bag, non-woven fabrics, filter cotton bag and heat-sealing plastic bag are all siutable for this machine.


Voltage: 110V

Bag width: 3inch

Bag length: 0 -6inch

Package size: 21*23*48inch

Package wight: 116lbs




1.    Temperature 1: vertical sealing temperature.

2.    Temperature 2: cutting-&-sealing temperature.

3.    The actual length: actual length of bags.

4.    Set length: to set bag length.

5.    Heating 1: light for “Temperature 1”.

6.    Heating 2: light for “Temperature 2”.

7.    Insulation: the light is on when “Temperature 1” and “Temperature 2” reaches set value.

8.    Work: signal light.

9.    Temperature: Plus and Minus for “Temperature 1” and “Temperature 2”.

10. Function: “Temperature 1” and “Temperature 2” switching.

11. LengthPlus and Minus for bag length.

A.  Stand Install



Install stand by the 3 holes, 1 is short screw, 2 and 3 is long screw.

B. Connecting Bags roll install



C. Connect Powder Filler and Packaging Machine

D. Bag Install

Put the switch in the situation of the picture 1 above to separate those in the picture 2.  Put the end like that in the picture 3 will make it easier to install.

E. Put through the power. Set temperature and bag length by 9 and 11. Wait and when the temperature reaches set value it start seal.

F. Switch off when finish packaging.


Item Included(141148)

1× Sealing Machine


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