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181207:Automatic Continuous Sealing Machine Vertical FR770 Auto Impulse Bag Sealer Machine with Digital Display
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Digital Display Continuous Sealing Machine FR-770

A sealing machine is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a wide variety of other products.
FR series continuous film sealing machines finish continuous carrying, sealing and printing in one operation. Suitable for small-bag packaging, this continuous band sealer uses an electronic constant temperature control system and a stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism.
This machine can handle various types of plastics and includes an embosser to print your expiration date, etc, save labor and improve efficiency.
It can seal plastic film in various kinds of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene & polyolefine, etc.
The machine offers vertical or horizontal configuration. Horizontally model is usually used for dry food while vertical model is used from liquid sealing.
Item is vertical model, and horizontal parameters are basically the same, so the following horizontal machine as a reference
The machine comes with two 770mm Teflon belts for replacement, if you need more, as well as other accessories, please contact us
Product Details
1.Digital display panel
The machine is equipped with intelligent digital display temperature controller temperature adjustment, digital clear conveyor belt speed can be adjusted according to the actual situation, more convenient to use
2.Cooling and heating block
Adjust the sealing speed and transmission speed of the conveyor belt, equipped with air cooling heat dissipation, heat dissipation faster and
effective protection of the body; 100% pure copper heating block, heating more uniform, durable
3.Embossing wheel
Equipped with high quality embossing wheel, stable printing, beautiful and solid sealing, clear printing.
4.Conveyor belt
Equipment adopts thickened wear-resistant conveyor belt, more durable than the conveyor belt on the market, quality assurance of genuine equipment
5.Pressure regulating button
Adjustable printing pressure knob, can be adjusted according to the actual demand respectively printing pressure.
6.Stainless steel storage table
pure stainless steel storage platform, durable, metal texture, easy to operate.
7.Conveyor table regulation
Conveying platform can be adjusted up and down, before and after the parameters can be adjusted according to the actual demand, improve the working efficiency.
8.power protection design
The power supply is equipped with over current protection, when the power supply exceeds the normal use range, the fuse will automatically fuse to protect the machine.
Product Feature
1.Thermostatic control meter; Display at a glance
Continuous automatic film sealing machine is equipped with a constant temperature control table, which can be displayed at a glance and master the working temperature at any time to improve the production quality and efficiency!
2.Trmostatic control; Automatic transport device.
Sealing machine adopts constant temperature control and automatic transport device. can control various shapes of plastic film belt, can be used in a variety of packaging lines, the length of the sealing is not limited.
3.Replace sealing pattern and font as needed
Using steel printing, can be printed on the seal at the same time the production date, replacement date as needed. Sealing pattern and logo handwriting clear and beautiful, printing wheel, flattening wheel can be replaced at will. Sealing and printing can be done at one time. The date and batch number should be changed as needed, in accordance with the provisions of the Food Hygiene Law.
4.Wide range of application
It is suitable for sealing aluminum foil bags and plastic bag composite bags in various industries. The equipment has the advantages of firm sealing. high efficiency. beautiful shape advanced technology, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, etc
5.The machine comes standard with pembossing wheel and printing wheel; if you need other effects, please contact customer service to purchase. Buy machine free printing wheel, can hit the production date, year month day Print clear, the date can be changed at any time, print embossing a machine to do.
Items included

One set 110V vertical  modle Continuous Sealing Machine (181207)


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