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141181:Automatic Packaging Machine
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Automatic Packaging Machine
   This is a sealing machine, which is used with the the powder filling machine.The maximum bag width is 3.9 inches, and the length is adjustable from 0 to 6 inches. Aluminum foil bag, non-woven fabrics, filter cotton bag and heat-sealing plastic bag are all siutable for this machine.



Voltage: 110V


Maximum bag width: 3.9inch

Bag length: 0 -6inch

Product Size: 16.5*20.08*57.1inch

Product wight: 77.38lbs

①Start and stop keys (start and stop)

②Add key (adjust temperature, bag and time)

③Minus key (adjust temperature, bag and time)

④Move key (can move up and down to adjust when setting)

⑤Packing delay key (time from feeding to machine running)

⑥ Vibration amplitude (adjust the intensity of vibration)

⑦Jog key (test key)

⑧Set button (set bag length and working temperature adjustment)



① Disassemble the outer box of the machine, take out the film fixing frame, and install it on the right side of the machine with screws (as shown in Figure 2)

② Install the roll film into the fixed sleeve (as shown in Figure 3) 

③ Pull down the composite film and pull it down along the former (as shown in Figure 4) 

④ Unscrew the handle to the left, pull the composite film symmetrically into the bag wheel, and then turn the handle to the right, so that the bag wheel clamps the composite film (as shown in Figures 5 and 6)
Item Included(141181)
1*Automatic Packaging Machine

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