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134145:pressure testing pump
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Directions for using:
1.connect the water hose to the measured water pipeline(Note:connect sealed)
2.fill the measured pipe with water, make air out and turn off the switch
3.make the tank filled with water,lift the rod,and then begin to test pressure
4.stop pressing when the pressure reach the need
5.after stopping the pressure , if the pressure indicated on the pressure gauge does not drop , ? ?
? you can prove that the pipeline pressure resistance is good , or the measured pipe is leakage.
Failure causes and remedies:
one.When the handle moves up, do not suck up water
1.Check the suction pipe for junk clogging
2.Check whether the switch is tightened
two.the movement is weakness when the handle up and down
1.Check whether the switch is tightened
2.Check whether the piston shaft seal is damaged
3.check the one-way valve for the junk
three.the pressure displayed isn't stable
1.Pipe joints or water leaks , replace the seals
2.Table rod junction leakage , replace seals
3.Gauge damage , repair gauge
SPECIAL NOTE: Ban in a workplace with acid and alkali, corrosive substances

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