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053191:Circulating Filter Pump
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Circulating Filter Pump

Product features:

According to the principle of hydraulics design pump body, manic sound level minimum, solid integral structure, durable.Self-priming centrifugal pump, fully enclosed air-cooled motor, in line with IP55.The large capacity of filter basket greatly reduces the cleaning work.The transparent lid of the filter basket makes it easy to judge whether washing is needed.High efficiency guide vane and impeller structure, improve performance, speed up water injection (irrigation) and improve energy efficiency.It is used for various swimming pools, surfing pools and fountains with high self-suction, strong impact, small noise, low temperature rise, built-in professional hair isolator, simple and clean, all parts are made of high strength plastic durable high performance motor.

Product size: length 675MM* width 270MM* height 355MM (packaging)
Product features:
horsepower: 1.5HP
power: 2.2kw,
speed; 2850RPM,
voltage: 220V,
flow: 30 cubic meters per hour,
lift: 20 meters,
pipe diameter: 2 (inch).

Item include:

1 set of Circulating filter pump

Item# Description QTY Unit
053191 Circulating filter pump
1 set

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