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270035:Vacuum Pump 110V
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Vacuum Pump 110V

How to use

1.Check oil level before use and ensure oil level middle
line.To guarantee the normal performance of vacuum
pump,please make sure adopt the special oil for high-
speed vacuum pump.

2.When filling oil,please screw out the refueling knob.

3.Remove air inlet cap and connect to vacuum vessel.Pipe
used shall be short and reliably sealed without leakage.

4.Insert in power plug and turn on the pump.

5.After use,pull out power plug,remove connecting pipe
and tighten air inlet cap.


Frequency: 60HZ

Voltage: 110V

Free Air Displacement: 2.20CFM 60 l/m

Power: 120W

RPM: 1720

U Itimate Vacuum: 45 microns(6pa)

Oil Capacity: 280ml

Dimensions: 12*4.8*8.8inch

N.W: 13.2lb

Product Show


1.Double circular-arc design on the assembled pump
head,improve the vacuum level and working efficiency.

2.The product design can reduce oil mist,and an oil-gas
separator at air exhaust outlet effectively treats and
prevents oil pollution in atmosphere.

3.Double location pin design on the assembled pump
head,improve the service life,easily for maintain.

4.The motor and pump are integrated to make product
compact,simple and rational.

5.The special design of ZSJ large starting torque has
guaranteed a normal starting in low temperature
(≥5℃temperature)and low voltage condition(withe rated

6.The unibody design of handle,capacitor box and exhaust
filter makes more economic and concise.

Item Included

1 set of Vacuum Pump 110V  270035


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