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070746:110V Continuous Band Horizontal Bag Sealer FR-770
C $425.00

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110V Continuous Band Horizontal Bag Sealer FR-770

This horizontal type is for packing and sealing of drying goods and suitable for sealing and bag-making of various plastic and compound films it is a best sealing equipment to be widely used in such sectors such as food, pharmaceutical ,chemical industry ,daily cosmetics, native and special local products, vegetable seeds, electronic components etc.,


There are mainly FR-770 and FR-900 two styles Automatic sealing machine on the market, but what's the reason that the FR-770 is much expensive than FR-900? The reasons are follows:

1. You must know this if you have donethe sealing machine business for a long time, the previous 900 model is older type, and 770 models are the optimization and upgrading based on 900 models.Both the performance or operating are more advanced than the old models,Survival of the fittest is a inevitable process.

2. Machine'heart -- motor, FR770 use the 90w motor ,but the traditional one use 50w or 60w motor.the new style have a long life, the key is that is more stable transmission, sealing more beautiful.

3.The sealing body ---- copper block heating and cooling block: copper material is heated faster and more evenly, sealed appearance, heat faster, avoid hot!

4. Aluminum motor integration: integrated motor can greatly increase energy efficiency, little motors and  variable box butt caused friction, thereby improving work efficiency and prolong life.

5. Metal chain conveyor belt:the FR770 take the chain conveyor belt,tran more stable,High abrasion resistance, use for a long time.





Model                FR-770

Operation          Electronic Variable Speed

Thermostat        Electronic Thermostat Control

Sealling       Steel Sealling

Power         110V/50Hz 85W

Speed         0-24m/min

Thickness      0.02-0.8mm

Width         5-12mm

Length        Unlimited

Load          Under 6KG

Temperature    Range 0-300℃

Dimensions     31.9*14.6*12.6Inches

Weight        23KG Control Panel
Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt and sealing speed , leak-proof, safe operation. Great Power Motor
Integrated motor worm gear box, long life , more stable. Pressure Adjustment Knob
Printing pressure can be adjusted by adjusting the printing pressure knob. Printing Conveyor Assembly
Automatic and passive transport wheel. Fast Heating and Cooling
Air cooling. Effectively protect the body. Heat quickly, heating block is heated evenly and dyrable. Two enbossing wheel doubel embossing.

Items included

  • One110V Continuous Band Horizontal Bag Sealer FR-770 (070746)


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