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251032:Pneumatic Bundling Tools Kit
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Pneumatic Bundling Sealer Bundling Tools
Model KZL32 Pneumatic Bundling Tensioner and Model KZS32 Pneumatic Bundling sealer are novel bundling tools which have high level of mechanization. Two tools should be united that all actions(Tensioning, sealing, breaking) can be finished.
These tools are pneumatic bundling tools,which have many characteristics such as lightweight, simple operation, safety and can be suitable for bundling steel, tube and plate.
Note:You need have a pump(This item need 0.4~0.6MPa)
Air Pressure:0.4~0.6MPa
Weight of tool:less than 5kg
No-load speed of strap:more than 5m/min
Steel strap type:32*(0.8~1.2)mm
1.There should be 0.8m3/min air flow and a 0.4 to 0.6Mpa compressed air source in the workshop;
2.The average air consumption during bundling is 1m3;
3.The compressed air should go into the tool through the filter,the regulator and the lubricator(Called three-union in short) respec-tively;
4.Branch lines are taken from the top of main,the air hose is 14mm.
Item Included(251032):
1*Pneumatic Bundling Tensiner
1*Pneumatic Bundling sealer$_10.jpg

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