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151030:Handheld Pneumatic Strapper
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PNEUMATIC PP Band Strapper

This tool is a kind of fusion packaging machine. The lapped thermoplastic packaging belt is fused by the heat produced by friction motion; hence, it is called "friction fusion". Principle is to use the binding tape winding product or package, then tighten and ends by heating molten or use the material such as bag buckles connection machine.
  • Tool weight 3.8kg.
  • Drived: by air pump.
  • Size: 280*160*180mm.
  • Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa.
  • Max strap tension Max. 3500N.
  • Strapping material: Polyester.
  • Applications: PET strap, PP band.
  • Function: Tensioning+Sealing+Cutting.
  • Strapping width13mm(1/2")-19mm(3/4").
  • Strapping thickness: 0.5(0.0196")-1.5mm(0.06").
  • Principle of Friction Instruction:
    • The compressed air will push the piston within air cylinder. The upper part of piston and vibrating bar is connected with the rocking pin, so the vibrating bar will press the lapped part of packaging belt when moving down.
    • There is an elliptic hole at the center of vibrating bar. This hole is connected with the eccentric shaft of pneumatic motor. The pneumatic motor rotates at a high speed (10000rpm), so the vibrating bar conducts reciprocal motion quickly. The lower part of packaging belt is fixed by the peg teeth of fusion toothed plate, and its upper part is driven by the peg teeth of vibrator for strenuous friction. Hence, the lapped part of packaging belt is fused by the heat produced by friction. When the vibration timer reaches the set time, vibration stops and fusion completes.
    • Both upper and lower parts of the packaging belt are stuck while extruding.


    Gas Source Instruction:

    Requirement of air pressure
    The required scope of air pressure: (5.0-7.0bar)
    Installation of gas source
    Filter, pressure regulating valve and lubricator assembly shall be close to the pneumatic tool. The min. inner diameter of air hose is 6.0mm(1/4). Both ends of air supply pipe should be equipped with quick unions.
    Moisture filtration
    A drain valve must be mounted at the bottom of the air supply circuit's bypass to drain once every day.
    Pneumatic motor should be lubricated properly, and the lubricator should be full and well regulated (a drop every 2min).

    The Package:
    Safety Instructions:

    1.Bear in mind "safety-foremost" principle, and operate this pneumatic tool properly;

    2.Read the Manual carefully before operation;

    3.Don't dismantle safety parts of the tool;

    4.Don't tear or damage label or mark of the product;

    5.Don't put hand or other part of your body between packaging belt and packaging tool.

    Item Included

    1 set of Pneumatic PP Band Strapper(151030)


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