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219106:Vacuum Exposure Unit 60*50cm(24*20In)
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Vacuum Exposure Unit 110V


ASC6050ZK Precise Vacuum UV Exposure Unit is equipped with special UV lamps and auxiliary vacuum suction device. After putting the screens and well printed transparency film on the glass, close its cover and let it work after set the needed vacuum and exposure time, then it will make the screens and transparency film close on the glass tightly by evacuating the air of the vacuum charmer emerging from the rubber blanket. When the set time is up, it will deflate automatically, and then the exposure is finished. Please cut off the power supply.

Working principle
Screen printing screens are coated with a light sensitive emulsion using a scoop coater. When the emulsion is dry, place your image with a positive print on the screen. Once you burn the screen, the emulsion that did not get any UV will wash out of the screen exposing the tiny pin holes. The surrounding areas that were exposed to UV will be cured. Hence the ink will pass through screen onto your substrate.


Special Tips
The vacuum pumping area (sizes of the rubber blanket) is 19.6”*15.7” (50*40cm), (If your screen is oversized, please buy cautiously!)

Operation Instructions
1. Connect the power supply; Turn on the switch of “POWER”;                                                                     2. Set the vacuum pumping time

1) Press “VACUUM”, the left indicator light (yellow) is lit up;

2) Press “ + ” or “ – ” in the “TIME CONTROL” area to set the vacuum pumping time according to your needs.
(For first-time users, please put an empty screen in the middle of the rubber inner cavity, just set 40 seconds for test; if the pointer of the vacuum gauge could reach or pass the middle of the green area, that’s ok. If not, please extend the time and test again until having reached the requirement.

3. Set the exposure time

1) Press “EXPOSURE”, the left indicator light (red) is lit up;
2) Press “ + ” or “ – ” in the “TIME CONTROL” area to set the exposure time according to your needs.
(Exposure time varies according to the coated photosensitive emulsion. Please just set 300 seconds for test and then reset a suitable time according to the exposure effect.)

4. Once finished the above settings, you could start exposure just as follows
1) Put the screens coated with photosensitive emulsion and the printed transparency film on the glass.
2) Put the air suction pipe in to the screen;
3) Close the cover and click the “START” button, then it will vacuum pump and expose automatically according to the settings;
4) When the set time is up, it will deflate automatically; Open the cover and exposure is finished. Please just cut off the power supply.

5. Functions of other keys
1) “RESET” for canceling the previous settings: if you want to reset the vacuum / exposure time, just press “VACUUM” / “EXPOSURE” and the left indicator light is lit up; Then press “RESET” and the original settings will turn to “ 0 ”; Next, you could set according to your needs.
2) “BACK” for stop working: if you want to stop vacuum pumping or exposure, just press the “BACK” button, that’s ok.

Other details
Breakdown Maintenance
1. If the digit was not displayed once turned on the switch

a. Please check whether the power supply is good or not

b. Please check whether the bottom fuse wire is loose, burned-out or not

2. If the vacuum pump didn’t work after putting the screen on the glass, closing the cover and pressing the “STRAT” button:

Please check whether the leading wire of the vacuum pump is well connected or not

3. If it didn’t reach the requirement even the vacuum pump works well

a. please checks whether the air suction pipe is well fastened or not

b. Please check whether the rubber blanket and its edgings were good and seal or not.

If there were some splits on the rubber blankets or edgings, or some cracks of the edging adhesives, please fix them up with the sealing adhesive.

4. If the lamps were not lit up

a. Please check whether your voltage was too low or not

b. Please check whether the lamp ends were blackened or not caused by lamp ageing

c. Please check whether your set exposure time was 0 second

d.Please check whether the ballast was broken or not.
1) Please cut off the power supply when you need to change the lamp or the ballast

2) Avoid contact with hard objects to prevent glass surface scratching

3) Consistent cleaning is needed according to your using frequency and operational environment, especially for the glass, vacuum rubber blanket and edgings
Essential Parameters
· Input Voltage: 110V

· Exposure area: 15.6”*19.6” (40*50cm)

· Vacuum Degree: -0.08Mpa

· Illumination Uniformity: 85%

· Lamp Power: 240W

· Vacuum Pump Power: 60W

· Vacuum Time Setting Range: 0-999s

· Exposure Time Setting Range: 0-999s

· Machine Size: 27.5”*27.5”*7” (70*70*18cm)

· Package size: 31.3”*29.9”*9.5” (79.5*76*24cm)

· Net weight: 47.4Lb / 21.5kg

· Gross weight: 67Lb /30.4kg
Item Number: Vacuum Exposure Unit 110V--219106

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