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170451:1000kg Magnetic Lifter
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1000KG Magnetic Lifter

The magnetic lifter is made with superstrong neodymium magnets, which is used for lifting steel sheet,block, rod, cylindrical and other magneticmaterial. It requires no electricity, which is widely used in theindustrial world for making steel projects move more efficiently. Each item must be tested qualified before sent outof the factory. There are more permanent magnet blocks in our magnetic lifter, so the magnetism is stronger.
Model: PML-10
Item net weight: 35kg(77 lb)
Operating temperature: <=80℃
Maximum weight capacity: 1000kg(2200 lb)
Maximum weight for curved surface/vertical lift:350-450kg(771-992lb)
Fit for steel plate thickness: >5MM
Easy use: handle withon/off control - attach or detach material.
Low residual magnetismfor rapid handling.
Alloy steel galvanized lifting rings greatly improve the stability of the suction cup, making it sturdy and durable.
Strong magnetic induction, stable magnetic field performance.
The V-shaped groove of our permanent lift magnet is suitable for flat and round steel. When lifting flat steel, the adsorption force can reach 100%. When lifting round steel, the adsorption force is only 50% of the load.


1.Please clean the surface of the steel sheet before using it.

2.Prohibit standing under the steel sheet when the steel sheet is lifted.

3.Please do not control the handle when there is no any steel sheet under the magnetic lifter.

Item Number(170451):

Magnetic Lifter

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