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170452:2000kg Magnetic Lifter
C $600.00

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2000KG Magnetic Lifter

The magnetic lifter is made with super strong neodymium magnets, which is used for lifting steel sheet,block,

rod, cylindrical and other magnetic material. It requires no electricity, which is widely used in the industrial

world for making steel projects move more efficiently. Each item must be tested qualified before they are sent out of the factory.


There are more magnets  in our  magnetic lifter, so the magnetism is stronger.


 Model: PML-20
 Item net weight:
68kg(150 lb)

 Operating temperature: <=80℃
• Maximum weight capacity: 2000kg(4409 lb)

Maximum weight for curved surface/vertical lift:600-700kg (1323-1543lb)



Easy use: handle with on/off control - attach or detach material

V slot of bottom lifting face - lift round and flat material

Low residual magnetism for rapid handling

Large U-loop shackle hook allows easy attachment of slings


1.Please clean the surface of the steel sheet before using it.

2.Prohibit standing under the steel sheet when the steel sheet is lifted.

3.Please do not control the handle when there is no any steel sheet under the magnetic lifter.

Item Included (170452):

1 pc Magnetic lifter and accessory



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