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134003:Hydraulic Machine Toe Jack Lift
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Hydraulic Machine Toe Jack Lift
Hydraulic Machine
Widely used in the installation and maintenance of machinery and equipment, bridges, railway tracks; transport heavy loads handing; car and tractor repair.
This series of products use imported jacks, high quality steel after welding heat treatment, the specific structure is simple, easy to use, durable, high quality, safe and reliable; from the top dual-use, ease of operation of the low is a versatile lifting tool.
This series of products operating handle is designed to rotate 180 degrees, angle exchange according to different places, which is more convenient to use.
Using the product, pay attention to the following question:
a. Before operating the machine should be placed securely to avoid the swing, is strictly prohibited weight did not put the stability of the rise in operating, resulting in the tilt happens;
b. Do not rise height of more than products required by the limit, resulting in the occurrence of rail from the Situation:
c. Strictly prohibited the super-load use
d. Body parts (hands, feet, etc.) under working conditions put heavy objects on the bottom is strictly prohibited prohibited.
Please note that rail lubrication product before use, to keep the product clean after use, please pay attention to light, may not collision, any adverse circumstances such as tossing occurred resulting in damage and oil line failure.
Product parameter table:
Hydraulic claw jack Mechanical adjustment of the level of weight shifting
Engineering .shipbuilding, bridges, civil engineering, Steel frame pillars of engineering!
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