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122030:UV Laminating Coating Machine
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Desktop UV Coating Machine Laminator

Extrusion Coating and lamination are industrial processes that enable to produce a melt of thermoplastic polymer material.
When it is coated as a thin layer onto a moving substrate, the process is known as “Extrusion Coating”. When it is used as a “glue” to combine substrates, it is known as “Extrusion Lamination”.

Coating use chemical liquid film. With this machine, UV coating liquid will adhesive evenly on photos.
When protect film becomes dry by UV light, photos become waterproof ,damp-proof, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet,
strongly adhesive, hand wearing and anti-scrapping.
The greatest advantage is that the UV coating machine can save a lot of money, the thickness of
coating is slight, no need more UV coating liquid and it is not prone to fail such as cold laminating,
and more transparent than cold and hot laminating. Specially suitable for photo studios to use,
due to bulk laminating . It will replace the traditional cold and hot laminating techniques to a great

Film liquid can be recycled, and the cost is only 1/10 of the cold Laminator.
Cost savings, there are no-clean unit, clean, and UV protection, waterproof,keep the pictures do not fade, can't afford to indentation
drum, not deformation, refined aesthetic appearance. Widely used in digital imaging, studios, color photocopying laser printing, graphic output, digital printing
and other industries.

Coating Speed 39"(1m)/Per minute 
Max Coating Width 13" ( 330mm)
Coating Thickness: 0.3oz/10ft2  (8g/)
Coating Cost US$0.02/Per Letter or A4 size paper
Power Consumption 1200W
Power Supply 220V 50HZ

If you are using a 110V power, contact us for a adaptor

Lamp Span Life 800 Hours
Gross Machine Weight 88Lb (40kg)
Machine Dimensions: 23x21x17" (600mm×550mm×440mm)

  • It is convenient ,safe, cheap and energy-saving, and less UV harmless.
  • High transparency,20% improvement on the cold laminating.
  • Circulate film liquid, save cost.
  • Low laminating cost, only 1/10 of cold laminating.
  • Compact covering, no air bubble at all.
  • Even convey, laminating.
  • Unique convey chains ,no harm laminating surface.
  • Works cleanly, no need much maintenance.
  • Easy changing UV tube and other parts.

This extrusion coater is specially made for beautiful and protecting laser, ink jet photo paper, coated paper, back adhesive paper or other stuff after being printed. It can protect photos, card, poster and so on from wearing, humidity, liquids, heat, UV, fading, and enhance appearance and extend storage life. (Notice: This machine can not coat for laser printer, but now we are developing a new one for laser printer. To be expected.)


Why this machine not fit for laser printer?

The reason: If you use such as Xerox or Konica Minolta digital printer, because the ink powder is too smooth to stick by the coating liquid, so the effect is not so well. To get perfect laminating effect, you need to pre-heat the printing paper up to 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8-48.9 degrees Celsius) by some heating machine before coating, then the ink powder could stick the coating liquid evenly, and the UV coating machine could work with the laser printing paper. 

Item Included:

One set of 220V UV Coating Machine (122030)

Note: You are bidding one set 220V UV coating machine, no UV liquid film included, click here if you need one.



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