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120337:Matte UV Film Liquid 8.8lb 4kg
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ASC365 Satin UV Coating Film Liquid

It is used to coat on the surface of substrate by extrusion coating machine to protect and beautify the substrate. We have both glossy and matte two kind liquid. It is very suitable for our UV Coating Machine.

Click here if you need a UV laminating machine shown in the video.

Main Features:

  • Hard, good adhesion, anti-abrasion, waterproof.
  • Non-yellowing, low cost.
  • Environmental protects.

Guarantee period: 2 years

Note: Keep it in a cool place, away from strong light, if scattered on skin, wash it instantly.

Certificate: SGS/MSDS (in Chinese)



  • Wood ,for example UV primer paint ,UV varnish , floor spelling wood paint, decorative floor paint, etc.

  • Plastic ,plastic floor, ABS, Polyester Film Products, Polystyrene Products.

  • Metal, metallic sign, cans processing , metallic plaque manufacturing, aluminum alloy door and window, steel pipe etc.

  • Paper, album, hardcover, photo for example book covers, publicity posters, packing boxes etc

  • Leather

Satin UV Film Liquid

Item# Description Weight  Quantity
120337 Satin/Matte UV Film Liquid 8.8Lb(4Kg)  1

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