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053112:Stone plate with marble stone hanging clamp (15-50mm bearing 1000kg)
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Product Overview

0.6"-2" 2200LBS Stone Slab Lifting Clamp Granite Marble Lifter

Product Overview
Stone slab lifting is widely used in stone processing industry, construction industry, decoration industry for marble, granite, quartz stone and other stone lifting. Easy to operate, universal model, high quality steel, corrosion and rust resistance, durable.
Product Parameters
Material:  High quality steel
Clamping width: 0.6"-2" (15-50mm)
Max loading: 2200LBS (1000kg)
Min loading: 110LBS (50kg)
Package size: 19"*11"*11.8"(48cm*28cm*30cm)
Net weight/Gross weight: 59.5LBS(27kg) / 63LBS(28.5kg)
Product Features & Advantages
- Easy to operate, easy to use, improve work efficiency.

- Model universal, can pick up 15-50mm stone.

- The material is made of grade A steel, corrosion and rust resistant, extending the service life and durable.

- The jaws are made of rubber and can grip thick and thin plates without damaging the surface of the material.

- Widely used, mainly used for granite, marble, quartz stone and other stone large plate lifting.

Note & Instructions for Use:

When using forklifts or other mobile devices to lift or move slabs, we recommend operating only on smooth, level surfaces and avoiding potholes or rough surfaces. Vibrations from forklifts and lifts can cause jigs to loosen or damage the jigs and forklifts.

1. When carrying out lifting operations, please carefully consider all safety regulations and current regulations.

2. Only allowed to train, have the ability to operate, and familiar with the operation instructions and safety regulations of the personnel operation.

3. Check the fixture. Cannot be used if the clamp is worn or damaged.

4. Choose the appropriate size of the fixture to work. Determine the weight of the board to be hung. Do not exceed the load limit indicated on the fixture. The thickness of the sheet must be controlled within the limits specified by the manufacturer.

5. All people do not approach the fixture that is lifting or moving.

6. Grip depends on friction. Check that the surface of the rubber pad is free of dirt, grease and other things that may reduce the effect.

7. Do not lift wet plate. The grip depends on the friction. Lifting wet sheets may cause the rubber mat to lose its grip.

8. Do not hang more than one sheet at any time.

9. Clamp in the center of the plate to maintain balance when loading.

10. Ensure that the plate is fully clamped on the fixture during operation.

11. Slowly lift the board. Check that the lifting tension is in proper balance.

12. When lowering the plate to the rack, do not lower the fixture to other plates or materials, otherwise the fixture will release its load.

13. Before lifting any product, it should be checked whether the hook is worn, if there is wear, it should be replaced, when the product is clamped to the jig with the hook, the rotation of the product will cause the hook to be easily damaged.

Preliminary installation inspection:

The specialist must check the following before using the stone slab lifting:

* Ensure that the stone slab lifting is used in a safe and orderly manner.

* Ensure that the rotary hook is properly installed and fixed on the stone slab lifting.

* All the positioning pins on the forklift should be accurately positioned and securely and orderly fixed.

Instructions for use:

1. Move the top plate to the packaging plate by skid rod and wedge, allowing enough space for the supporting plate of the fixture to pass through the plate and packaging plate. Do not move the top sheet through the balance plate to keep it in a tilted position.

2. Place the fixture flat in the center of the plate so that the load is smooth.

3. Ensure that the sheet is deeply clamped in the open jig.

4. Unlatch so that the clamp will lock onto the plate when the crane cable is lifted.

5. Lift the plate slowly to ensure load balance.

Product Presentation & Details
Item Included(053112)
Stone slab lifting *1

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