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006552:3 color 1 Station Ribbon Screen Printing Press with Dryer
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3 color 1 Station Ribbon Screen Printing Press with Dryer


1.The machine is designed for stand up operation, and the user can operate on the seat. The platform plate is 56 cm away from the ground, and the machine is equipped with an adjustment foot, the operator can increase the height of the machine within 18 cm according to needs (the height of the printing table can be adjusted from 56 to 74 cm).


2.Pallet size is 40*50 cm, and it is suitable for screen frame inner size 35 cm wide, 50 cm long; Printing size is 30 cm wide and 44 cm long (within 44 cm of ribbon length at a time).


3.To guarantee the accuracy of the printing, the machine is equipped with five different width installation mold:
1.5 cm ribbon user can print 14 pieces at a time (the length of the ribbon should less than 44 cm) 2 cm ribbon user can print 11 pieces at a time
2.5 cm ribbon user can print 9 pieces at a time
3 cm ribbon user can print 8 pieces at a time
4 cm ribbon user can print 6 pieces at a time


4.Ribbon roll up in a roll ,the roller device can place ribbon which the maximum diameter is 15cm (the diameter of the 100-meter long roll ribbon is 15cm).


5.The roller device is equipped with clamping pin and anti-slewing ratchet device, which can effectively control the positioning and reversing of the winding wheel, so that the ribbon can be take back accurately .


6.This machine is three-color printing, and equipped with carbon fiber far-infrared dryer, each color printing chuck can be adjusted up and down, left and right,forward and back ; It is simple, convenient and accurate to print.


7.Dryer can be installed directly on the host disk,and it is equipped with far infrared probe (attach the dryer operation instruction) and the locating slot, after printing a color, rotate the dryer to the pallet, the positioning beads stuck positioning groove is fixed above the pallet, far-infrared dryer probe turn on automatically (heating time can be adjusted), after drying rotary dryer (automatic shutdown) next color printing, and so on.


8.Requirements for making plate

Length:the length of the printed pattern should be within 44 cm

Printing width: Each space between two ribbons is 4mm,the center space of the two adjacent ribbons is:
1.5cm ribbon:19mm
2cm ribbon:24mm
2.5cm ribbon:29mm
3cm ribbon:34mm
4cm ribbon:44mm

Item included(006552):

1*3 color 1 Station Ribbon Screen Printing Press with Dryer


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