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006569:3D Screen Printing Machine Micro-Registration Silk Screen Printing Press for PCB Metal Plate Glass Single Color Screen Printer 23.5x17.5 Inch
C $149.00

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Desktop Adjustable Screen Printer---18x24 Inches


Application:   * Required Reading *

Suitable for all kinds of flat product printing, such as electronic circuit board, paper box, glass, board, metal plate, scutcheon and all kinds of plastic board, etc.

Do not recommend to use this machine for cloth, ribbons, sashes, paper, thin plastic sheets and other light materials. (These materials are too thin, after printing, the screen frame may stuck with the plate then mess up the printing result ).

Paper, thin plastic sheets and other lighter materials are recommended to use vacuum screen pallet ;

Cloth, ribbon, and other textile printing is recommended to use the wooden pallet with glue.



This machine is equipped with 2 gravity balance plates, 6 lifting gravity balance plate, which can be installed individually or together according to the need of balance, it can be moved forward and back within 4" (10cm ).

There is a handle in the middle of screen frame holder, it is used to adjust the lifting height of screens. Adjustable range is 7" (18 cm))

Pallet could be moved in four directions by adjusting those handles set on the side.

Each machine supplies 8 positioning blocks. Positioning blocks are directly stick on the sides of the printing object to ensure the accurate positioning. (These positioning blocks can be removed and reuse, leave no glue, and can be used again after washing).



Product Parameter:

Size of the screen chuck:  14.4x2.6 inches (Width & Height)

Max screen frame thickness: 2"

Max thickness of the printing object: 7"  (this size is adjustable)

Suit for screen frames which inner diameter is less than 23.6x17.7x2 inches (60x45x50 cm)

Suggest printing area: 15.7x20.5 inches  (40x52cm)

Net weight: 31lb

Gross weight: 36lb

Packing size: 31x24x7 inches

Item include:

1 set Desktop Micro-registration Screen Printer --- 006569


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