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260301:Pocket Lab Analytical Equipment 0-45% Sugar Degree Brix Digital Refractometer #260301
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            Brix Digital Refractometer


New brix digital refractometer, fast measurement of sugar, energy-efficient, exquisite compact, easy to carry;Powerful upgrade, can simultaneously measure the refractive index, function more rich, more can meet the requirements of a variety of jobs;High precision is more accurate, provide a more scientific and accurate data for you.

Product details



Temperature measurement range:0℃—40℃

Temperature measurement accuracy:±1℃

The minimum temperature measurement results:0.1℃

Operating temperature:0℃—40℃

laying temperature:-10℃—50℃


weight: 230g

The power supply:A battery(9V)


Product Scene

This product can be used to measure related to sugar solution (such as fruit juice, soft drinks, wine, etc.), to determine the sugar content of food, drinks, speculated that the best fruit mature period, the concentration of a solution of the production process control, also can be used to control the concentration of a solution of all kinds of industrial, such as cutting and grinding liquid)


Item included:

One set of Brix Digital Refractometer  (260301)

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