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239447:10 Layer Fruit Vegetable Dry Machine
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Stainless steel 10-layer fruit and vegetable pet food dryer 110V DIY new.


Have you done a lot of beef jerky or other dehydrated foods, but tired of rehydration a lot?

Then you need the convenience of these multifunctional dehydrators.

The dehydrator can be used:

Vegetables (all types)

Fruit peel (fruit roll)

Beef jerky (lean production for beef and games)

Fruit (all types)


The grain type


Scented tea type

Yogurt, cheese, crackers, etc.



1. The horizontal airflow hot air system makes the machine low energy consumption, high efficiency and fast drying food.

2. The hot wind blows from the fan to the food, driving the water vapor from the front door vent, to avoid the water vapor pollution food.

3. The constant thermostatic control technology not only stabilizes the intact enzymes and vitamins, but also preserves the original taste of the food.

4. 10 floors of stainless steel mesh, safe and hygienic, easy to clean.


Material: 304 stainless steel

The rated voltage:110V

Rated power:800w

Number of plies:10

Temperature range:30-90

Timer Range:0-24 Hour

Gross weight31.20LB(14.15kg)

Dehydrator Size:  18.31*15.75*16.93inch(465*400*430mm)

Food Tray Size: 10.16*13.62inch(258*346mm)

Drying screen size: 11.22*15.16inch(285*385mm)


Open the door handle to use prevent the plastic, avoid to be burned when opening the door, more safe.

The annulus form enters the tuyere, enters the wind clears, speeds up the air circulation.


Item included(239447):

1* Stainless steel fruit and vegetable pet food dryer 110V DIY new




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