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239430:The tool rack in which the car moves
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新建网页 1 新建网页 1 Car repair shop workshop mobile

Car repair shop workshop mobile bracket accident truck mobile frame trailer


    This product is mainly used for the internal use of the workshop, and it can safely and quickly move the vehicles which need to be repaired, which can move the car in any direction.Use the move up, but in a few minutes to remove the vehicle tire removed, for the workshop car repairs can be of great help and adjust the internal space of the workshop.


1. The ability to bear weight is strong.

2. The width of the product no more than 1800mm of vehicles.

3. Applicable scope: automobile maintenance station, auto repair shop, 4S shop  etc.

4. Easy to move, casters can be fixed.


package size : 77.56*10.24*13.78 inch(26*197*35cm)

load-bearing :≤2T

Product gross weight: 144LB(66kg)

Applacation for:

Method of use: 

1.Use the jack to prop up the car that needs repairing.

2. Put the support frame and skirt side in the appropriate position at the bottom of the car according to the specific situation of the vehicle.

3. Lower the support height of the jack so that the vehicle can fully support the car and lift the jack.

4.Move the car to the right place.

Matters needing attention:

1.Don't overload.

2. Can not be used for drag and drag of two cars.

3. No more dirt road, uphill, and bumpy road.

Item included(239430):

1* Car repair shop workshop mobile bracket accident truck mobile frame trailer


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