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230554:1.5M 110V Electric Plane Ramp Conveyor Machine
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59" 110V Electric Plane Ramp Conveyor Machine

The PVC Belt Electric Conveyor Mesa is constructed of aluminum and is very stable due to its automatic and steady speed circuit. Easy to operate,save time and save the human power.

Its use is applicable in many industries, chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverage.


Material:PVC + aluminum

Motor Power:120W

Motor:Adjustable speed motor

Speed:Adjustable 4 to 20 meters per minute




Highly(workbench to ground):


Slope length : 47.2inch(120cm)

Platform length : 11.8inch(30cm)

Details Of Accessories:

1.Conveyor Machine is constructed of aluminum and is very stable due to its automatic and steady speed circuit.

2.Saves time and reduces the cost of production.

3.Usage widely:packing,shipping etc.



The machine can not run for a long time at a low speed, long time running at low speed will heat up and affect the service life of the motor, the recommended speed is more than 10 m/min.

Item Number:1 Set of 110V Electric Plane Ramp Conveyor Machine 230554

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