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230064:2.1mL*30cmW PVC Belt Conveyor with Double Guardrails
C $940.00

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82.6" 110V PVC Conveyor With Double Guardrails

Conveyor belt is all made of stainless steel, with automatic speed and steady speed circuit of the electronic governor, have higher stability, belt conveyor belt with Italian high anti-static PVC industry, has the high anti-static ability.This is mainly used for conveying glass bottles, plastic bottles, bottle caps, metal, plastic bags, paper boxes, cartons, labels, etc., easy to spurt the code machine, laser machine on production line, printing code, is each brand spurt the code machine, laser machine for spraying, spraying carving production date, batch number anti-fake mark, design must form a complete set of equipment.
Rated Voltage:110V/60Hz

Motor Power:250W(Adjustable speed motor)

Speed: Adjustable 0 to 18 meters per minute

PVC Belt Length:165inch(420cm)

PVC Belt Width:11.8inch/30cm

PVC Belt Thickness:0.07inch/0.2cm

Conveyor Length:82.6inch/210cm

Conveyor High:29.5inch/75cm

Material: stainless steel +PVC

Usage: packing,shipping,print label etc.
1.Easy to operate.

2.You can adjust the speed according to their needs, easy to control.

3.Versatile, cost savings.

4.It can be used to spurt the code machine, can also be used independently, after use will greatly improve the working speed of the workers, save time, save the human power, maximum limit reduces the cost of production.
Item Usage Dispaly:
Item Included:
1 Set of 82.6" 110V PVC Conveyor With Double Guardrails 230064

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