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220473:300lbs. Motorcycle Hydraulic Scissor Floor Jack Lift Wide Deck Center Stand Red
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300lbs Motorcycle Hydraulic Scissor Floor Jack Lift


This is our Steel Adjustable Scissor Lift for Motorcycles, which is made from high strength steel and rubber padding. When loaded, the adjustable locking screws and wheels improve stability and safety. But it will also roll easily on four durable casters, making it easy to position, easy to adjust and easy to store. It can be used alone or with almost any motorcycle lift. Made of solid steel, it's easy to use, and so strong. It'll easily handle your motorcycle!





Lift Table Material: Non-slip Hard Rubber (gum)

Lift Height: 13-3/4" to 34-1/4"
Lift Table Size: 16-1/8" x 13-3/4"

MIN HEIGHT: about 13.8INCHES/350MM

MAX HEIGHT: about 34.3INCHES/870MM

Foot Pedal Lift

Lowering Screw

Lift Table Comes with non-slip hard rubber (gum) plate with Strong Locking Springs to Insure Safe and Sturdy Stand



1. New and in a good condition

2. Adopting premium steel material for good hardness and durability

3. Help you easily repair your motorcycle

4. Easy to operate

5. It supports about 300lbs large capacity

6. Lift for motorcycle, lawn tractors, dirt bikes, mopeds and more.


1. The maximum load is about 300LBS./135kg. DO NOT exceed this rated capacity.

2. Use this lift for lifting purpose only. DO NOT use it for any other purpose it is not designed to perform.

3. Keep children and unauthorized persons away from the work area.

4. Only use this lift on a surface that is stable, level, dry and not slippery, and capable of sustaining the load. Keep the surface clean, tidy and free from unrelated materials and ensure that there is adequate lighting.

5. Before lifting ensure the motorcycle is adequately secured to the lifting platform with threaded knobs, big washers, J-hooks and U-bolts.

6. When the platform has been used to the working height, ensure the locking bar is engaged to prevent accidental lowering.

7. Always keep your hands and feet away from moving parts.

8. When work is done, check under lift and motorcycle to ensure that there are no obstructions and that it is safe to lower the unit. Remove the locking bar and then SLOWLY turn the release valve to GENTLY lower the lift.

9. DO NOT allow untrained persons to operate the lift.

10. DO NOT make any modifications to this motorcycle lift.

11. DO NOT expose the lift to rain or snow.

12. Ensure that you read, understand and apply the safety instructions and warning before use. Failure to heed these instructions may result in property damage and/or personal injury.



1. When not in use, the lift must be stored in the lowest position in a dry location to minimize ram and piston corrosion.

2. Keep the lift clean and wipe off any oil or grease. Lubricate all moving parts.

3. Periodically check the ram and piston for sings of corrosion. Clean exposed areas with a clean oiled cloth.

4. Before each use check all parts. If any part of the lift is damaged or suspect, remove the lift from service and take necessary action to repair.

5. When lift efficiency drops, open the release valve and pump the lift foot pedal rapidly 15 to 20 times to purge airway from the hydraulic system


Item Included

Red 300lbs Motorcycle Hydraulic Scissor Floor Jack Lift(220473) Item Number Description QTY Unit Note
220473 Red 300lbs Motorcycle Hydraulic Scissor Floor Jack Lift 1 PC Manual



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