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220264:Dry Moistureproof Dehumidify Storage Box Camera SLR Photo Tool
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Dry Moistureproof Dehumidify Storage Box

Using the new rubber seal, flexibility, and ensure the safety of airtight and waterproof. 

Not only your camera needs moisture mildew, your home health care products, dry food,

were tobacco, tea, Chinese and Western medicine also requires dry storage, from the influx

of deterioration, and re-modified plastics Wonderful series of cases of ad hoc balancing

Cabinets valve, sealed, and moisture cards with renewable, economical and practical,

beneficial for the family to buy the preferred Cabinets.

This product with durable and shatterproof

Good storage for camera DV necklace antique and so on.




Dimension: 11*8.3*8inches/27*21*20cm

Packing Weight: 2.8kg

Electronic Silica Gel Desiccant Moisture Absorber Reusable

1. New Electronic reusable silica gel desiccant
2. Used to absorb the moisture inside the air tight container and best to use in bags when traveling for days 

or weeks to protect your expensive camera and lenses
3. The built-in PTC heated function avoids overheating from the absorber while regenerating and ensures 

maximum safety
4. Designed for long lasting usage and the regeneration process is 100% environmental friendly
5. Perfectly for using inside air tight container
6. US plug for power
7. Power Range: AC110V~240V, 50/ 60Hz
8. Power: 16W
9. Color: as picture
How to use:
When the silica changes from blue to pink, it indicates the need for absorber regeneration
To regenerate the absorber, simply plug-in and switch on the power for 2-3 hours until the indicator 

turns blue again
After 20~30mins cool down, it is ready to be use again.


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Dry Moistureproof Dehumidify Storage Box(220264)

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220264 Dry Moistureproof Dehumidify Storage Box 1 set  




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