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219400:1 Color Simple Screen Printing Full Kit Movable T Pallet Machine&Materials Kit (2Cartons/Set)
C $455.00

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1 Color Screen Printing Hobby Kit

Screen printing is  arguably most versatile in printing, almost everything can  be used as substrate. Our company provide this 1 color  manual screen press package with high quality at a  reasonable price, designed to easily set-up and print. As to single item' detailed description, video, clients can  find them in our store.
It's very suitable for doing your DIY printing business

Note: If you are International customer out  of Canada or USA, please contact with us for consulting the  detailed shipping information.


2015-11TY 1 Color Screen Press with Adjustable Screen Pallet (219002)



  • It can be applied to costume, woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, leather and other products which need flat printing. They are especially suitable for small enterprise and individual use.




  • Pallet Size: 17.7"x21.7" (45x55cm)

  • Net Weight: 38Lb (17kg)

  • Gross Weight: 44Lb (20kg)

  • Package Size: 24"x20"x11" (60x50x28cm)




  • This machine is particularly applicable to print kinds of printing products that need to set on the bedplate, such as t-shirts, hold pillow, headrest, bag ,Non-woven bag, etc;

  • This machine is special developed; the bedplate is 45*55 centimeters T - shirt type.

  • The machine screen frame chuck can make adjustment according to printing height within 2 cm, and it is suitable for printing 2cm thickness objects.

  • Advanced electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, convenient in cleaning and no rust.

  • Composite structure & excellent packaging for convenient transportation.

  • Specially designed lift screen frame control springs, the springs' tension can be adjusted, so that users can according to the use of screen frame size, screen frame weight to adjust the tension to make the tension suitable


Screen Printing Materials Kit (006812)

NOTE: All  the items related in the following are all well packaged into one  box; item number is 006812.

2 pcs 16"x20" Blank Screens 2 pcs 13"/33cm Squeegees 4 pcs 1# Spatulas
1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape 2 bottles White Paste 
2 bottles Transparent Paste
5 bottles Pigments: 200g/bottle
scarlet, yellow, blue, green, black

10 sheets A4 Transparency Film

1pc 14 inch (35cm) Scoop Coater

Photosensitive Emulsion
1 set/2.2Lb (1kg)

Emulsion Remover Powder
1 bottle/0.22 Lb (100g)

Pallet Adhesive
1 bottle/1.1Lb (0.5kg)

Ghost Cream
0.44Lb (200g) / bottle

1pc Water Gun

1pc Pallet Adhesive Scraper

  2sheets Clean Up Card

2 pc T-shirts for printing test

Items included:

1) 2015-11TY 1 Color Screen Press with Adjustable Screen and Pallet (219002)
2) 1 set of printing mateirals kit (006812), which includs the following items:

1)2 pcs of 13" (33cm) Squeegees 
2 pcs of 16"x20" screen frame with 120 mesh 
3)10 sheets of A4 transparent Film 
4)4 pcs of 1#Stainless Steel Ink Spatulas 
5)1 bottles of white paste 
6)1 bottles of transparent base 
7)1 bottle of Scarlet Pigment 
8)1 bottle of Yellow Pigment 
9)1 bottle of Blue Pigment 
10)1 bottle of Green Pigment 
11)1 bottle of Black Pigment 
12)1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape 
13)1 pc Water Gun 
14 inch (35cm) Scoop Coater
1 set of Photographic emulsion 
16)1 bottle of Remover Powder 
17)1 bottle of Pallet adhesive 
18)1 bottle of Ghost Cream 
19)1 pc Pallet Adhesive Scraper
20)2 sheets Clean Up Card 
21)2 pcs T-shirts for printing test

Item# Description QTY Unit Note
219002 2015-11YT 1 Color Screen Press 1 Set  
Item# Description QTY Unit Note
006812 1 Color Screen Printing Materials Kit 1 pc  

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