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219304:2015 Self-tensioning Frame Kit A
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Self-Tensioning Screen Frame

2015 type self-tensioning screen frame is the latest invention of our company. the new Screen Printing Frame to compare the old one, new self-stretching frame much simple and does not need glues. Any combination can be into any size of screen frame according to needs and repeated use, product of screen printing would be installed repeatedly, assemble stretching of an arbitrary size of screen frame only needs 3-5 minutes, after tensioning-frame stretch the frame just like the traditional metal or wooden frame you also can put emulsion print and printing.

 New Assemble self-stretching frame installation requires only two Allen wrench (also can be equipped with electric screwdriver install more faster and more efficient), stretched screen frame and ordinary frame without any different.

 The self-stretching frame using a special aluminum material, the frame size 43*25 mm. special structural design, strength than normal aluminum, 1.6 kgs weight per meter, 40*50cm inner diameter the weight is 2.88 kg, completely suitable for screen printing need.

You also can click the video link to know more information.

New Frame Feature

1. 2015 type slef-tensioing screen frame can replace hand Screen Stretcher after Slef-tensioing frame do not use any glue and other staffs.

2. The tension equality between the edge, each edge according to the allocated length 2-4 tension point, through to rally the uniform operation completely to enable the screen tension and requirements.

3. we can use the frame to make plate ,print just like using the traditional metal or wood frame

4. The repeated use of the finished silk screen mesh (main monochrome), the frame only need a set of stretch clamp, and it can finish stretching screen mesh. The screen frame is the same with traditional screen frame when we take down the one.

5. The self-tensioning screen frame only needs toM3 and M4 inner Allen wrench, people do not need to purchase other materials and tools can be of the tension, plate making, printing, mesh remove preservation installation.

6. The self-tensioning screen frame all aluminum alloy, stainless steel and alloy nickel plating material; water wash, corrosion resistant, not rust.

7. The screen frame edge can be order size, what kinds of different size frame strips can be composed of various sizes of the screen frame, can adapt to the size of the various patterns of different screen frame need.

One this package could assemble size into

Size: cm (inch)

30*40 (12*16) 40*50 (16*20) 50*60 (20*24) 60*70 (24*28)
30*50 (12*20) 40*60 (16*24) 50*70 (20*28)  
30*60 (12*24) 40*70 (16*28)    
30*70 (12*28)      

If you got tow of this packages then you could assemble size into

Size: cm (inch)

30*30 (12*12) 40*40 (16*16) 50*50 (20*20) 60*60 (24*24) 70*70 (28*28)
30*40 (12*16) 40*50 (16*20) 50*60 (20*24) 60*70 (24*28)  
30*50 (12*20) 40*60 (16*24) 50*70 (20*28)    
30*60 (12*24) 40*70 (16*28)      
30*70 (12*28)        

There are fifteen different sizes of the self-tensioning screen frame; users only need to be based on the pattern and the need for any combination to make a suitable mesh frame.

Frame Instruction Manual

Select the suitable screen frame edgings according to your printing graphics.
Connect the frame edging with the adapting places &then fix gently
Each four tennis frame uses seamless alignment, connector will be connected to the four corners, and using M4 Allen wrench will connect the top fastening screw. With the inner corner adapting pieces and then fixes the screws of the inner comer adapting places gently
the net frame four tension screw loose, so that the net frame groove tightly inside the outer edge of U coast
The right screen put on the self-tensioning screen frame edges, from the side to start the screen plate will screen flat pressure such as groove, then in the side of the screen flat straightened also pressed into the groove. Then the method is also pressing the screen on both sides of the screen
M3 inner Allen key began on the edge of the outer hexagon screws evenly tightened, screen with inner frame groove naturally moves outward, the tension screen, that to achieve the required tension version of the screen
the tension and the network is completed, the tension system net frame and traditional net frame exactly the same

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 Self-Tensioning Screen Frame




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