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210075:Countertop Refrigerated Cake Showcase 220V
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   Countertop Refrigerated Cake Showcase





Air patenting Cake Display Cabinet designed with trend of hoover flair and unique style. The body of cabinet structure with contact box. It will display visual. Features of  refrigeration compressor are small noise, low power consumption, fast cooling, sterility, temperature uniformity, and other advantage.

Designed to fit on table tops.

Eye catching internal LED lighting.


Digital temperature controller and display.


Front curved glass, glass windows on each side.


Adjustable chorme plated shelves


Sutomatic defrost


Comes with rear sliding doors.

Air patenting Cake Display cabinet application for store, supermarket, hotel, market, ect. It also can extend display cycle of vegetable, food, beverage, cooked food, candy, cake, cosmetics.



                Cake Display Cainet







                Display Volume




                Refrigerating Fluid


       Ambient Temperature



                Refrigeration Size



        Humidifier Instruction

Please add moderate water, before start humidifying function. Then the water will be entered  in cabinet byu wind crossing.

Note: The ambient temperature is measured at room temperature and humidity are 23℃ and 50% when the machine has been working for about 4 hours.Depending on the working environment, we only guaranteed that the ambient temperature within the temperature range and DO NOT guaranteed reached minimum temperature.

Products cannot be placed on the air inlet duct and the air outlet duct. Placing products will easily block the air duct. No air will cause the evaporator to freeze and block. The temperature of the cabinet is too high, which is higher than the normal temperature range displayed on our website.

Item Included: Countertop Refrigerated Cake Showcase (210075)


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