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210006:Portable Car Washer Inflator 12v
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Car Inflator Cleaner Two  In One Multifunctional Washing Machine

    Are you still troubled by the high costs of car washing? Are you still  worried about the flat tire in the middle of nowhere? With our new  multifunctional washing machine, you will be able to completely abandon  these troubles. This machine can be inflated tires, car washing and tire  pressure measurement. It can plugged into a 12v car system for on-the-go  inflation. Because it can be powered through a cigarette lighter in you  vihicle, it is incredibly versatile and a lifesaver in some instances.



●Voltage: DC12V
Working Pressure0.35-0.85Mpa
Inflatable Power: 120w
Pump Power100w
Water Flow4.5L/min
Gas Flow25L/min 
Bucket Capacity: 13L
Inlet Pipe1.3m
High Pressure Outlet Pipe6m


Character Features 

●Portable and versatile
●Easy to use-just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power,slip  universal adapter over tire value and you are ready to inflate
Three functions to meet your needs-inflating tires,  washing your car and measurring your tire pressure to ensure your safety
●Ideal for:cleaning yards, washing bikes and motorcycles,watering the  plants and give your pet a bath


How to use 

(1)How to wash the car

1.Connect the machine and  inlet pipe

2.Check the interface to  prevent leakage

3.Put the other end of the  inlet pipe into the bucket
4.Connect the machine and  outlet pipe 5.Connect the  other of outlet pipe and the water cannon 6.Check the interface to  prevent leakage
7.Plug in the power cord 8.Connect the  other end of the power cord and cigarette lighter 9.Pull the power cord out  the door and close the door
10.Open the switch and  rotate the switch to this position 11.Two kinds  of spray modes for  your choice and this is shower mode 12.The other mode is   direct mode

(2)How to inflate  tires

1.Open the tire valve cap

2.Connect the tire valve and inflatable  tube

3.Check tire pressure gauge and make  sure in the normal range

4.If the tire pressure is  insufficient,please rotate the switch to this position


Item included(211006):

1 pc multifuction washing machine and  accessories

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