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210001:Magnetic Stirrer
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85-2 Magnetic Stirrer 110v

Method of Application:

Plug in the power supply. Pour the liquid to be tested into a breaker and then plce the breaker on the heating plate. Put the stir bar and temperature sensor into the midle of the breaker. Turn on the power switch and the heating switch. Et the temperature according to the specific application and adjust the motor rotating speed.


Input Power

50HZ 110V

MOtor/Heating Power 25W/300W
Rotating Speed 0-2600rpm Stepless Speed Govering
Temperature Controlling Scope RT-100℃
Temperature Controlling Method Digital Display
Max Mixing Capacity 1L

Item Included

Item Number Description QTY Unit Note
210001 85-2 Magnetic Stirrer 1 Set 110V

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