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190800:Tire Tyre Puncture Repair Tool Kit Spot Vulcanizing for Sidewall Big Tear
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 Tire Tyre Puncture Repair Tool Kit Spot

Specifications :

  • Repairs tread, shoulder and sidewall
  • Large-capacity, fully rotating C-frame accommodates different wheel sizes and allows for vertical or horizontal repairs
  • Vulcanizing repair process cures the patch and inner tire lining to form a dense, sealed repair job
  • An adjustable, swing-open, rotating C-frame cavity simplifies tire loading and unloading while maximizing stability
  • Adjustable height tower
  • Contoured inner and outer curing heads conform to a variety of tire profiles
  • Long-life Acme thread hand-wheel screw applies over 5,000-lbs. of pressure and heat for maximum adhesion of patch to casing
  • Energy and cost efficient for lower operating costs
  • Lightweight, self-standing design offers portability and maximum stability
  • Doesn't require any time consuming tensioning straps
  • Handles long sidewall repairs
  • Cures both patch and plug at the same time
  • Curing heads can be operated individually or simultaneously for maximum repair efficiency
  • Constant controlled heating elements maintain optimum temperature
  • Includes assembly stand, 7 contoured curing heads and a high-temperature aluminum-filled, silica-cloth heating pad.
  • Description:


    Package Includes(190800):

    1*Vulcanizer Tire Repair


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