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190056:8-INCH Plasma 360 Touch Sensitive Voice Control Lighting Ball
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8" Plasma 360 Touchable Voice Control Lighting Ball

Establish the atmosphere and get the conversation began with this cool Plasma Ball Lighting. A timeless novelty lighting, the energy within the plasma sphere will track your own finger tips. Just move your finger across the surface area and observe the activity. Along with 3 settings of functioning, the lightning plasma sphere may be off, on or even set in to sound-activated setting.

The Plasma Globe offers you a safe, fascinating way to demonstrate how lightning works as well as explain the concepts of potential differences and electron orbital jumping. A small Tesla coil produces a large potential difference between it and the glass of the surrounding globe, similar to a cloud and its potential difference with the ground. This potential difference uses inert gases inside the globe to complete a circuit and release its potential to the outer glass, just as a cloud releases its potential to the ground. It is bright, harmless, violet lightning bolts that respond to touch and sound.
Have fun with this particular sphere within a bed room, children's game room or dormitory.

Order yours today!


  • 8 inch Plasma Ball
  • Constant on or sound reactive modes can be set to react to sound.
  • A/C power adapter included
  • A great gift or conversation piece
  • Input: AC110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: 12V 1.5A



1. Recreation & Decoration:    High ornamental value. The light will dance with the touch and voice!
2. Purifying the air:              
The anion released by the ball can eliminate  nicotine, dust particle, bacteria and other toxic substances.
The anion can also neutralize static, effectively reducing the pollution of the electrostatic. Plus, with the help of aerodynamic Principles, the anion will sterilize your room in a dead-zone free way.

1. When touch the ball, remember to constantly move your hands. Don't stay in one place for long time.
2. The maximum continuous working time is 2 hours. Must shut down the power, turn it on again 5-10 minutes later the base become cool.
3. The nearer the ball is to the sound source, the better it will perform. Please play music with  lowpassfilter-subwoofer or voice box to make make the ball reach the best working state.
4. Please keep this ball away from humid environment.
5. Please don't this ball because there is high-voltage generator in it. This product should be maintained or repaired by trained electricians!!!
6. Please make sure to use original power line & power adapter, otherwise the ball will be damaged.

Item included(190056):

1* 8" Plasma 360 Touchable Voice Control Lighting Ball
1* Power Adaptor

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