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181232:Dental Centrifuge Casting Machine
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Dental Centrifuge Casting Machin
                                Dental Centrifuge Casting Machine

Our dental centrifuge casting machine of equipment of the oral restoration section for the melting and casting of various dental high melting and casting of vaious dental high melting points alloys in order to get casting like denture frame ,inlay crown bridge.
Easily handles most alloys with high melting points for casting frame, inlay, crown bridge.
Indispensable for the production of high quality oral restorations.
Durable & Reliable.

1.Indespensable for the production of high quality oral restorations
2.Durable & Reliable
3.Easily handles most alloys with high melting points for casting frame, inlay, crown bridge
4.Comes with 3 cradles and a pair of thongs
5.This item features a heavy duty spring and an adjustable balance mechanism
6.Manufactured under the strict guidelines established by ISO 9001: 2000 Standards.

When you use it, please pay attention to several points as follows:
1.Make sure that the platform is stable, and the crucible is in the right place.
2.The work station should have quite good protection device to prevent the melting metal from spattering out to injure the workers.
3.When operation, pay attention to the inertia of the spring to avoid hitting the hand.
4.Keep clean and dry: after casting, you should clean the equipment and get it rid of the residue.
Item include:(181232)

Dental Centrifuge Casting Machine


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