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181221:Tensioner For PET/PP Strapping
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Tensional For PET/PP Strapping#181221
Widely used in the paper, aluminum, steel, wood, wooden box packaging, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal products and other industries.


Winch device

clip6/8" clip5/8" clip1/2"
Applicable packing size bandwidth 13-19mm 19mm 16mm 13mm
With thick 0.4-0.9mm 0.4-0.9mm 0.4-0.9mm 0.4-0.9mm
 weight 14kg 1.6kg 1.6kg 1.6kg

Applicable packing tape

PP and PET

Weight:1.3kg      length :27cm
Operation Instruction:

1: Put packed bandage to circle in the packing case , the right hand holds tightening. Presses the handle, put packed bandage under the clamp and cutter body. The packed bandage terminal have to surpass tool. The pine will be open for business the tight pole.

2:Put packed bandage slips to the cutter and trough and spindle silt.

3:The left hand swings the handle until packed bandage tightened.

4:Pull packed bandage after the suitable loose allowances under .Put sealed buckle to open the mouth to face. Place on the packed bandage.

5:Let the pliers open completely outs in seals fastens. Closes up the handle will cause to seal buckles clamps completely. Dismounts the pliers.

6: Presses down tightens the pole, shuts off packed bandage. Suppresses tightens the pole the tool to the right lateral Until from packed bandage takes to bring with dismounts.

Strapping Sealer Tool

This tool applies to all models of PET plastic steel belt. Used in conjunction with other tensioning device, hand tighten, lock, cut, easy to operate quickly. Ordering detail, please refer to the right parts, And indicate part name and number.
Weight:1.6kg        length :52cm

Security notice:

1:The tool is designed and production to ensure the safety of operation, in order to better use the tool, please read the security notice carefully.

2: Please wear safety glasses, helmets and gloves etc. when operating the tool.

3: Please do not place hands or other parts of the body between binding belt and binding properties.

4: The tool used in conjunction with other tension tool, when the banding belt is tightened. Do not stand with banding belt in the same straight line to prevent banding belt breaking.

5: Replace the tool parts, it should be replaced comes with the original accessories.

Maintenance instruction:

1:With the brush clean this tool, or blows on the fuselage dust and the foreign matter regularly with the clean dry compressed air.

2:Each active part carries on the lubrication with the right-duty machinery lubricating oil.

Item include:

1 Tensional For PET/PP Strapping (181221)

1 strapping sealer tool (181225)


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