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181061:LT-1 110V Liquid Filling Machine
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Mmagnetic Drive Pump

LT-1 110V Liquid Filling Machine

The pump head is drive by magnetic power, the pump head is not connected with the motor, so don’t worry the motor will over load or leakage by the connecting shaft.
The pump head and motor are made in Japan, and the electric parts are made in Taiwan, with high quality and longer use life.
The pump head is made by 316L stainless steel which is anti-erode glove, and anti-corrosion
Start or brake by frequency converter control which will control the rotating speed with precision as 0.01s. So that make the filling deviation less than 2%.
Filling range can from 5ml up to +∞, it is depend on the filling time you set
Can be control the manual model, foot pedal switch, also can be automatic and adjust the cycling time
Can be used for almost all liquid filling, specially for oil, Washing fluid, Acid-base fluid, corrosive liquid, etc.







Cooling by

Air cooling

Filling range

5-5000ml+depend on filling time



(1).Filling time it is set for filling time, the unit is H/M/S (hour/min/sec)
(2).Power switch: main switch, please turn off it when the machine finish work;
(3).Auto:press this button, the filler will fill once and again automatically;
(4).Manual: press this button, the filler will fill once and stop.
(5).Magnetic pump: the main part of the filler, the filling is drive by this pump;
(6).Waiting time: after filling one bottle, the filler will stop for a while, so that give you the time to change bottles.
(7).Filling speed: adjust the rotating speed to control the filling speed.
Working process
A. Turn on the filler
B. Set the filling time depend on your bottle volume (adjust by the add button ),and set the filling speed.
C. Adjust the waiting time depend on the gap time you need (adjust by the add button ).
D. There are two models for the “counter”, model one is: when the red light is on, and the filler will work until the number you have set, that means, if you set 20, the filler will stop after filling 20 times. Model two is: the red light is off, the counter will record the filling times.
E. The decimal point can be moved by press the “

” button。
F.Setting: Use this button can let you set the filling range easily, press this button before filling, and the it will fill when you press that, and then wait the filling, when your bottle is full, then press that button again, then the filling range is been setted and the filler will remember this data and you can use for next filling.

Item Included:

1:LT-1 110V Liquid Filling Machine (181061)
2.Speed adjustment.
3.One-way valve.
4.Mini magnetic pump.
5.Filling nozzle.


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