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181052:220V Material Auto Loader Feeding Suction Machine
C $370.00

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220V Material Auto Loader Feeding Suction Machine

High Power Auto Suction Vacuum Feeding Machine


It conveys plastic granules to the injection mould machine with ease. It is easy to operate and its filter system makes it possible to be used for a long time. An independent filter device facilitates dust removal and noise reducing installations for silent operations. The machines are available in conveying capacity ranges of 300Kg/hr. Vacuum Auto-Loader, has found a large number of users swear by the qualitative parameters of this product.


❤ Microprocessor programmed operation.

❤  Alarm for shortage of material.

❤  Adopted high-speed motor, small volume with strong suction power, suitable for different   types of new materials.

 Installed with dust collector to save dismantling
 mainframe for cleaning.

Remote controller, easy to set and control


Motor Votage 220V
Type Carbon brush
Specification 1kw/1.3hp  
Conveying capacity(kg/hr) 300
Loading distance(m) 3.5
Static wind pressure(mm/H2O) 1300
Reservoir volume(L) 7.5
Conveying tube inner dim 38
Specification of the attached hoses 38×3.5 1pcs
Dimensions(cm) 34×34×59
Net weight(kg) 12


☆  stainless steel suction tube :1

☆ More stainless steel hoop : 5

☆ stainless steel fittings (link to dust bag) : 1

☆ 160 degrees of absorb tube (3.5 m) : 1

☆ Transparent wire exhaust duct (1.5 m)  : 1

☆The base of the silicone gasket : 1

☆ With thick dust bag : 1

Item Included: (181052)

High Power Automatic Suction Vacuum Feeding Machine



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