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181010:Commercial Horizontal Slide End Cap Freezer Island(Combined Case,110v,372w,1.8m)
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Commercial Horizontal Slide End Cap Freezer Island

110V 327W 1.8m

    Horizontal Slide End Cap Freezer Island can extend the shelf life by lowering the temperature and allowing the bacteria in the food to slow down.You can put dumplings, dumplings, lobster zongzi, and fresh fruits and vegetables for frozen storage.


Printing Type: LGYF-1500A-I
Power: 375W

Power Supply:


Machine weight 190Kg
Machine size: 180*87*85cm(71" x 34" x 33")



1. Low noise and quiet, quality compressors, durable, high efficiency and energy saving,   save energy and save the heart, operate without worry, and give you a comfortable living environment.
2. Anti-collision door handle, luxurious and durable, convenient and quick.
3. Cover the wide face glass with fashionable and beautiful appearance to prevent deformation of the door.
3.LED lighting, good display effect.
4. The temperature governor can choose the temperature according to the actual request.
5. Wanxiang casters, portable, flexible and stable.
6. No fluorine environmental protection
7. The design of the encrypted network basket, the water is not lost, the temperature is stable and the nutrition is locked.


  1.The humanized design of straight cold island cabinets enables customers to purchase and pick up goods quickly and easily.

 2.Increase the design of evaporator and improve heat exchange efficiency.Double island cabinet cooler, lower temperature, and more energy saving.

3.Adopt advanced air duct structure, so as to keep the wind curtain warm and cool, so that the temperature of the cabinet cabinet is even.

Items included(181010)

  • One 110V Commercial Horizontal Slide End Cap Freezer Island machine



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