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170720:PCB Separator
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         PCB Separator

PCB with V-CUT moves back and forth under the two blades, the lower circular blade is driven by a motor; the PCB is fed manually between the circular blades and is thereby separated.

The machine does not have the inversion function.


Voltage AC 110V
Power     40W
Cutting speed 0200mm/s
Plate thickness range  0.3 mm ~ 2.5 mm


1. Apply to all sorts of V-cut PCB, It can decrease physical length during cutting to avoid welding spot cracking.

2. Handy machine, made of high strength aluminum and easy for transportation. .

3. The blades could be manually adjusted to apply to all shapes of V-Cut PCB.

4. High performance, V max = 200 mm/s, and adjustable speed

5. High precision and safety, easy maintenance

6. Application range of PCB thickness is 0.3mm to 2.5mm.

Instruction for use

   Adjusting the upper blade carriage

 1. Loose the bolts on the holder

 2. Twist the hand wheel to adjust the blade position, fasten the bolts when finish

Adjusting lower blade carriage

 1. Loose the bolts on the lower blade carriage;

    2. To adjust the lower blade carriage to the right position, twist the bolts with wrench, fasten the bolts when finish

Item Included(170720)
A PCB Sepector

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