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170695:Computer Wire Stripping Machine
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Computer Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

Controlled by a microcomputer, it cuts and strips wire automatically with a very clean-designed mechanism. Direct and easy-to-use interface allow inexperienced users to operate it easily. Various cutting style and programmablelength and distance can suit any wire assemble needs. Rapid and automatic cutting highly boost the productivity. This machine comes with enhanced dual action mechanism, designed to cut large copper wires up to AWG 11#.
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SWT508D-II Specification:

●Wire Type: PVC, Tefron, Glass Wire
●Voltage: 110V 60Hz        

●Power: 200w                                    
●Cutting Length:0.04-393'' (1-9999mm)

●Maximum cutting length at a time: 32'(9.9meters)
●Cutting Tolerance:<=0.002*L(L=Cutting Length)
●Stripping Length: Head 0-1.38''(0-35mm),Tail 0-0.59''(0-15mm)
●Cutting Cross-sectional Area of Wire Core:
AWG11# (4.5mm2)-27# (0.1mm2)
●Middle-stripping:10 places of stripping
●Stripping Speed:3000-80000pcs/h
●Weight:68lbs (31Kg)
●Overall Dimensions:15*14*9'' (390mm*350mm*235mm)



●LCD display
●Restore as many as 99 cutting & stripping procedures
●Adjusting Speed:0 Slowest,9 Fastest

●Mode of Display: LCD Liquid Crystal Display Screen

●Material of Knife: High-quality Tungsten Steel
●Support complete strip, half strip and middle-strip                    

●Mode of Driving: Four-wheeled Drive

Item number(170695):

a computer wire stripping machine and accessories



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