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170638:20L dough mixer 110V
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20L Dough mixer 110V

Flat  beater is an all-purpose agitator used for mashing potatoes or  vegetables, mixing cakes, batters or icing.

Note: Fit for medium speed 2 gear,  ban the use of the high speed 3 gear.

Spiral  Dough Hook is commonly used for smoother mixer operation and are ideal  for pizza and other heavy dough.

Note: Fit for low speed 1 gear, ban the use of the high speed 3 gear

Wire  whip is used for aerating light mixer such as whipped cream, egg whites  and mixing light icings and meringues.



Voltage: 110V
Power: 1.1kw

Size: 16.54'' x 19.69'' x 30.31''
20 Litres stainless steel bowl

The maximum flour: 5kg (11 lb)
Three fixed speeds

Net weight:66kg (145 lb)

1.High Quality Stainless Steel Dough Cutter.
2.Easy Grip Handle that Makes it Very Comfortable to Use.
3.Comes With Built in Measuring Guide in order to get Professional Results.
4.Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe.

Choosing a best place for the Mixer:

1.Please dos't the mixer at a damp or a hot place.

2.Please put the Mixer on a lever place firmly.

3.Keep the mixer and its surroundings clean.


Item Number(170638):

1 x 20L Dough Mixer 110V

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