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170492:Grease Trap 0.5T
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Grease Trap 0.5T

Our range of grease trap are used in the following places: restaurants, commercial kitchens,fsat food restaurants,etc.


• Model: KL-05T

Material: 304 stainless steel

Waste water inlet diameter: 50mm(2'')

• Package size: 72×32×47cm(29''×13''×19'')

• Package weight: 14kg(31lbs)

• Rate of oil flow: 0.5T/h(1102lbs/h)

• Waste Filter Basket


1, Put the grease trap on a horizontal position.

2, Before its first use, please fill the grease trap with water, until water flow out.

3, Adjust the height of the oil tank by adjusting the screws of two sides according to the water level.

4, Take out the basket, dump the garbage and clear the waste oil on the water every day.

5, Clean the grease trap every 2 weeks, clear the waste oil on the filter and partition with hot water.


Item Included(170492)

1× Grease Trap


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