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170398:EAS Store Security System kit 2
C $750.00
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EAS Retail Store 8.2MHz Security System

Alarm beep and light of the EAS will be triggered if the protected goods leave the store without being checked out properly. It can detect up to 3-5 feet between panels depending on the tag or label in use. These systems are compatible with all checkpoint 8.2MHz tags and labels.




  • Radio frequency:8.2±0.02MHz

  • Dimensions: 62"(H) x 14.5"(W) x 4"(D)

  • Gate width: 3' ~ 5'(The distance between the two towers is about 1 meter(3.3ft) for soft label, the distance between the two towers is about 1.5 meter(4.9ft) for hard tag.)

  • Power consumption:≤22W

  • Input Voltage:AC 110V

  • Color: light grey

  • Antenna material: aluminum

  • Hard tag size:1.7*1.9 inches (4.2*4.8cm)


Our EAS system adopts most stable DSP chip,  DSP chip (also called Digital Signal Processor), this technology has a strong anti-interference ability in a complex electromagnetic environment, the speed of alarm reaction is faster and sensitivity can be adjusted manually or automatically. More important, it can prevent burning out the motherboard while the electrodes are connected in wrong way.



1.Please connect with the motherboards correctly according to the following pictures.

2.The sensitivity can be adjusted for adapting to  different electromagnetic environment.

The sensitivity adjuster could avoid the wrong alarm.

Item Included (170398):

1 pair of EAS Store Security Door
1 pc Tag Releaser
1 pc Magnetic Eraser
200 Pcs 4.2x4.8cm EAS Hard Tags
A roll of 4.0x4.0cm EAS Soft Labels(1000pcs) 

1 pc anti-stepped groove
Power supply and install expansion bolts
User manual



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