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160998:liquid auto dispenser
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Digital Automatic Glue Dispenser

Automatic Liquid Dispenser with time control, to push the liquid pneumatically, controlled by timer, to be sure the same dispensing drops and dispensing cycle time, regulated the air pressure with suitable tip at your equipments of the different liquids as glues, solders pastes. Applied for 10 types of steel tips and 5 types of plastic tips for various customers' needs…
By using controlled air pressure and microprocessor-based timers – instead of operator guesswork – to regulate the amount of material applied to each part, this dispenser provides a simple and economic solution to fluid dispensing. The unit can either be controlled with a foot pedal or a finger switch for hand-held dispensing applications.
1. Power Switch Turns unit ON and OFF, Illuminated to indicate “ON” position.
2. Air Pressure Regulate/gauge Controls and indicates air pressure to the dispense circuit (the handle of regulator should be pulled out to adjust.)
3. Mode Switch Places the dispense circuit in automatic or manual shot mode.
4. Timer Control Adjust the shot of the Auto dispense mode.
5. Vacuum Control Adjust the intensity of “suck back” vacuum applied to the dispense circuit.
6.Dispense Outlet Provide a quick connect receptacle to dispense air circuit
7. Socket of Foot-switch Activates the dispense circuit.
8. Air-in Tube High-pressured air input.
9.Dispensing Control Four grades for the dispensing cycle time.
10.Power Socket Power sock of 110V power line.

● Digital control,high precision LCD display, easy to operate
● Controlled by microcomputer making the dispensing volume and time more precise.
● Manual & automatic optional applied to kinds of glue dispensing
● Manual/quantitative dispensing function
● Handles all fluids quantitative and steady output
● Has an analog timer with a knob to dosing require.

● Vacuum control keeps thin fluids from dripping
● Use metal quick connectors, loading and unloading
more convenient, durable

● Can be controlled by a Foot pedal or ring switch
● Can completed with an accessory from the
dispensing kit

● His small size will provide you to save working


Item included (160998):

01)1 set 110V Dispenser Machine
02)1 pc
Air Hose
pc Foot Pedal
1 pc Power Cable
05)1 pc
Barrel Stand
1 pc Manual Switch
1 pc Adapter
12 pcs Tips
3 pcs Barrel/Syringe
Manual Instruction


How To Use
1) Connect the 7 bar dry and filtered air supply to
the units air input plug. One connect to the unit,
and the other one connects to the air compressor
(Please bring your own air compressor, we don’t supply it. Or you can contact us for purchase)

2) Put the material and parts in barrel properly
(material height not excess the waming line)
3) Inset the power plug, foot switch plug and
hose plug into the concerned sockets.
4) Turn the unit “ON” and indicator at “ON”
position light up.
5) Pull the air pressure regulator knob
outward and turn clockwise until the desired
air pressure is indicated.
6) As the need of switch on the “MAN”
or “AUTO” mode, then it’s ready to be operated.
7) Dotting range regulated
Under the “AUTO” mode, full clockwise
turn of timer knob, to step the foot switch, as:

Drip switch on at 1: dispensing time >1s
Drip switch on at 1,2: dispensing time >10s
Drip switch on at 1,2 and 3: dispensing time >20s
Drip switch on at all full grades: dispensing time >30s

Customer can adjust according to time-being
8) Internal air pressure regulated: On the air pressure regulated knob, regulated internal air pressure,
on the air pressure gauge, general used between 0.1-2.7 bar (1-40 psi)
9) On the vacuum control knob, regulated the
ending dot in the air reflation, avoid dotting connected with others.
1 set 110V Dispenser Machine 1 pc Air Hose
1 pc Foot Pedal 1 pc Power Cable
1 pc Barrel Stand 1 pc Manual Switch
1 pc Adapter 12 pcs Tips
3 pcs Barrel/Syringe Manual Instruction

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