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160851:Inside Ring Engraving Machine
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Inside Ring Engraving Machine


This inside ring engraving machine can be used to engrave your name, alphabet, memorial day and ingredient onto it, for example, 18K,14K,925. It's so easy to use.


☆?Can engrave letters just as you handwrite.

☆?Engraved character: 2 mm (tallest); 1.5 mm (shortest),The dial measures approximately 5" (125 mm) in diameter.

☆?Complete with diamond tip and 1 specimen dial (double sided).

☆ Overall dimension: 150 mm *210 mm*378 mm (5.9" *8.3" *14.9")

☆ Functionally designed and perfectly made with special attachments

Operation Procedure:

1. Put the ring you want to engrave into the chuck and tighten it.
2. Find the letter you want to engarve and adjust it just below the needle handle.
3. Press the fixed handle down by your left hand, then press the needle head by hands and trace the letter you want one time using the needle handle.
4. After engraving one letter, if you still want to engrave, in order to rotate the ring and change engraving position, raise the handle that your left hand hold twice.
5. After finishing engracing, get the ring out.



1. This machine is point shake type.
2. Don't trace it hard, the machine will engrave the letter onto the ring automatically.


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160851 Inside Ring Engraving Machine 1 Set  
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