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160807:220V DZ-400 Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
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220V DZ400 Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


 DZ-400 series vacuum packaging machine is a novel packaging machine. It automatically seals the bag after it is vacuumed. The vacuum inside the bag is high and the residual air is small.It inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria, avoids the mildew and spoilage of articles, and at the same time, for some soft articles, after packaging, it can reduce the packaging volume and facilitate transportation and storage.

   This series of vacuum packaging machine uses a composite film bag to vacuum seal various solid, powder, paste and liquid products of various foods, medicines, native products, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, hardware and electronic components. To prevent the corrosion and deterioration of articles caused by oxidation of lipids and aerobic bacteria, to achieve quality, freshness, taste, color retention, in order to facilitate the storage time, easy transportation and foreign exchange earned by the export of packaged goods.

Technical Parameters :

Minimum absolute pressure of the vacuum chamber


Volume of the vacuum chamber

440×420 X 75mm/17.32*16.54*2.95inch

Packing speed 1-3T/Min
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power of Electricity


Power of Heating


Rate of Exhausting


Package Size 60*53*100cm/39.37*20.87*23.62inch
Weight 89kg/195.8lbs
Operation Process:

1. Link the power.

2. Open the power switch, setting the vacuum time according to the packaging needs.

3. Setting the sealing temperature and sealing time according to the materials of plastic bags.

4. Put the product to the sealing bar.

5. Press the vacuum lid and then it start to vacuum.

6. When it reaches some kind of vacuum degree, it begins to sealing process.

7. After the sealing process, it deflates automatically and finishes the packaging.

1. All transparent

2. High extensive tempered glass with anti-explosion function

3. Vacuum chamber are formed by punching one-off which could avoid being out of shape.

4. Vacuum chamber is shaped with 304 stainless steel which could avoid of acid and other corrosion.

5. With micro-computer operation system, operation will be more easier, faster and exacter.

6. Under the circulation of exhauster, the machine's life expectancy could be longer.
Item included(160807):

220V DZ-400 Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


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