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160406:110V Liquid Filling Machine 500ml
C $690.00

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110V Liquid Filling Machine

  This product is designed for liquids . It can help you to fill a mount of quantitative liquids .The filling volume range is between 50ml - 500ml. And the machine should connect air compressor for operation. First time when you use the machine , you should weigh the weight of output by adjusting and make sure the volume you want.


  1. The material of appearance is stainless steel

  2. Full pneumatic

  3. Filling volume (ml): 50 - 500

  4. Filling accuracy (FS): ±0.5%

  5. Production capacity (cycle/min): 2 - 50

  6. Applicable tolerance (m³/min): ≥0.1

  7. Exterior sizes:45.7"*21.7"*13.2"  (116*55*33.5 cm)

  8. Net weight:37.7kg (82.94 lb)

  9. Applicable pressure (Mpa): 0.4-0.9

Item Include (160406)

  1. 1x Liquid Filling Machine

  2. 1x Piezometer

  3. 2x Pipe

  4. 1x Spare Tools

  5. 1x Specification

  6. 1x Foot Plate

  7. 10x Spacer Sheet

  8. 1x Power Cord

  9. 1x Supporter



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