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160015:Controller Panel
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LED Sign ZH-U2 Controller Panel

Arbitrary partition, with the function of running, time switch machine, digital clock, simulation clock, brightness control, level 16 unit plate test with empty body, bubbling, snow, wind, vector drawing, laser, open picture scroll, diamond, rectangle, fan and other special effects.


● Maximum point of control: 32*1536 / 64*768 / 48*1024 (Maximum length of P10 LED module is 24 pcs, Maximum height is 4 pcs)
● Type: ZH-U2
● Processor: ARM7
● LedOS system: Built-in LedOS V0.80 operating system
Storage capacity: 4M bit
● Communication mode: U disk, effective communication distance is 12 meters
RS232 serial port,effective communication distance is 120 meters
● Band Rate: available for 9600~115200
● Display adapter: four T12 outdoor display interface and two 08 indoor display interface
● Test button: detect the unit board whether there was a blind point, dark bright, full red and so on quickly
● Working voltage: 5V (range 4.5V~5.5V)
● Power: ≤0.5W
● Environmental temperature: -30℃~70℃
● Operating system: Windows2000、NT、XP、Vista and Win7
● Bundled software: LedControl Desktop Document Manager

● More program broadcast: Add at most four programs, multiple programs broadcast regularly, timing, points in time to play, lock a single program broadcast,etc.
● Multipartition: Each program can be added up to 4 free partition (not traditional sense of the pseudo partition) position,any size, run independently
Program type: image-text,title, digit time, Classic Analog Clock.
● Time setting: Support forced switch machine and the time switch machine of the software
Manner of execution: 60 kinds of display mode and 42 kinds of exit for more than two thousand kinds of random perfect combination
● Border running effect: More than ten kinds of border running effect, support running mode of a single partition
Brightness Adjustment: Support 0-15 levels manual brightness control
● Application: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 support for single color screen


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