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153100:110V 5 layer Double Color Chocolate Fountain Machine
C $1,000.00

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      110V 5 Layer Double Color Chocolate Fountain Machine

Melt chocolate

 If it is needed to melt chocolate in the material bowl of the machine, it is required to put the crushed chocolate into material bowl;

Start the "Heating control burrton",the red indicator lamp shall be on and the heating system shall start working.

Start the "Temperature-insulating control button",the yellow indicator lamp shall be on and the heat-insulating system shall start working.

After both systems work concurrently, it shall take about 30`50 minutes that the chocolate in the material bowl shall melt completely(however if the temperature of the operating environment is different,the melting time may change accordingly).After the chocolate melts completely,turn off the "Heating control button",then the red indicator lamp shall turn off;keep the"Temperature-insulating control button" operating and the yellow indicator lamp shall be on;afterwards the heating system of the fountain machine shall operate under the automatic constant temperature condition to guarantee the normal operating temperature of chocolate.

Special warning: After siing the machine to melt chocolate,the "Heating control button" must be turned off after the chocolate in material bowl melts completely in 30`50 minutes;otherwise an adverse impact may be caused to the quality of chocolate solution in material bowl and the waterfall formation of fountain machine.

Safety protection

If the machine gets short-circuit problem or overheats, the circuit fuse and the temperature controller inside the machine shall automatically protect the heating assembly and other internal equipments to avoid damage.


  • Voltage:110V 60HZ
  • Rated Power :320W
  • Heat: PTC Heat


Every time when cleaning the machine, open the cap on the six corners of the steel spindle nut, the sealing ring with white chocolate wash in clean, check the sealing ring is damaged, damaged, replacement of spare parts of portable machine, no damage to the original equipment, the use of machine rotation next time.

When the chocolate residue accumulated every day, not clean, will damage to the sealing ring made of chocolate, the machine is easy to damage the motor and heat leakage system

Item included:

110V 5 Layer Double Color Chocolate Fountain Machine  (153100)

Item## Description QTY Unit
153100 110V 5 Layer Double Color Chocolate Fountain Machine 1 pc
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