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153097:Wired Magnetic Indoor Bike Bicycle Trainer Stand
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Wired Bicycle Trainer Stand

Wired Bicycle Trainer Stand

Your Bike’s own gears in conjunction with the trainer’s 7 levels of resistance offers infinite configurations for a completely customized workout.
Make sure that the controller cable is clear of the wheels and that the hub connections are secure.Always check that the front wheel is secure in the anti-slip stand before using the trainer.
It is important to properly warm up before doing any kind of exercise and check to make sure your bike tyres are inflated to the proper PSI.Always keep both hands on your handlebars when riding.

Using Methods:

Remove your bike from the trainer
1 Remove the resistance controller and cable from your handlebars .
2 Pull up on the Level Clamp on the top of the trainer by pressing up firmly but gently .
3 Unscrew the fitting of the rod and slide the Tightening Rod out of your Bike’s rear wheel .Be sure to hang on to your bike when loosening it from the trainer so it does not fall over .Remove the front tyre stabilizer and your bike is now free from the trainer .
4 To store your trainer simply fold and store out of the way until your next use .Be careful to avoid pinching your fingers when folding and avoid storing other equipment on top of your trainer

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