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153010:110v Jewelry Welding Machine
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Jewelry Welding Machine

Jewelry Welding Machine

1.This item is  a lap welding machine.
2.Jewelry welding machine can be used for fast welding of platinum, gold , K gold , silver, steel and precision welding of wires like ends of circle , oval buckle, fine wire. It can be used directly without soldering solder powder , solder joints are smooth and not black .

Installation and trial run:
1.Connect electrode holder to the output cathode; connect anode electrode holder to the output.
2.Tungsten needle can be sharpened in grinding machine, that is to use sophisticated power management working principals .
3.When installing tungsten needle, please make it protrude the welding head about 5MM . tungsten needle diameter is about 1mm.

Please download here to see how to use Instruction

1.Turn on the power switch.
2. Adjust the power knob. The general adjustment scale ( according to diameter of the part ) is 1 to 1.5 , ( fine ) adjustment scale is 7-8 (Can be adjusted according to scale of work requirements)
3. Hold the parts with tweezers and focus the end of the part to the tungsten needle (optimal distance is 5mm) ,the whole part can not touch the tungsten needle.
4. Stamp the foot switch. (then stepping away immediately). Welding is completed.

1. Voltage:110V(if you need 220V, please contact with us)
2. Power:200W
3. Maximum current:30A


This machine includes a tungsten needle.

Other Details

Item Included:

1 set of 110v Jewelry Welding Machine (153010)


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